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July 8th, 2018

Reptile Tribe (Daga & Kobra Moon) vs. Worldwide Underground (Taya & Johnny Mundo)

The match started off with Taya and Daga countering each other’s offense. After getting dropkicked in the face, Taya tagged out to Johnny Mundo. Mundo would get the better of Daga during their sequence before Daga tagged out to Kobra Moon. Daga and Kobra would hit some double team offense on Mundo and began to control the match. Eventually, Mundo would mount a comeback and tagged in Taya. The two attempted to double team Daga, but Daga was able to move out of the way of a superkick attempt from Mundo, who caught Taya instead. Later in the match, PJ Black ran in and attacked Kobra Moon from behind after she got an advantage on Taya. This allowed Taya to hit Kobra Moon with a curb stomp to get the win for Worldwide Underground.

Winners: Worldwide Underground

After the match, Vibora entered the ring as Worldwide Underground celebrated. He proceeded to take out all three members of Worldwide Underground. Vibora would finish his attack by hitting a Chokeslam on Mundo, followed by a standing moonsault. After the attack, the Reptile Tribe held PJ and Taya in a hold while Kobra Moon told Mundo he will call her queen as Mundo watched at ringside.

Lucha Royalty

Birth Name: Kira Forster
Ring Name: Taya Valkyrie
Signature Move: Road to Valhalla
Biography: Making her wrestling debut in 2010, Taya begain training with Lance Storm and appeared on his reality series “World of Hurt“. She then went on to relocate to Mexico where she quickly made a name for herself in promotion AAA, winning the Reina de Reinas title twice, with her first reign being the longest in the title’s history. She can now be seen on Lucha Underground and IMPACT Wrestling. Read more?

Current Projects
Impact Wrestling

Role: Taya Valkyrie
Where to Watch: Thursdays on Pop at 8PM EST.

Catch iMPACT Wrestling’s biggest stars as they go head to head in iMPACT matches.

Lucha Underground

Role: Taya
Where to Watch: Wednesdays on El Ray Network at 8PM EST.

Luchadores use their impressive athleticism and dynamic personalities to tell stories of good and evil through the tradition of freestyle wrestling.

IMPACT Studios

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