Match Announced for Tonight’s Redemption PPV

It is Fire vs. Ice tonight as “the Girl on Fire” Kiera Hogan will clash with “Lucha Royalty” the ice queen herself Taya Valkyrie in a match just made for Redemption tonight!

What will happen when Taya and Kiera step into the ring with each other tonight with all the eyes of the world watching? This is a chance for both Taya and Kiera to prove themselves worthy of a Knockouts Championship in the near future.

Taya has been busy mixing it up with Rosemary as of late and the “Demon’s Dance” went to the Demon Assassin, but a victory on Pay Per View tonight could change things for Taya.

As for Kiera Hogan, she keeps getting opportunities like this and she will not want to let them slip through her grasp. This would be a marque, signature victory for the Girl on Fire.

Will it be a hot night in Orlando or will Taya cool the flames of Kiera Hogan? Redemption is just hours away LIVE tonight on Pay Per View or you can order Redemption right here on IMPACTWrestling.Com now! Don’t miss out on this incredible event!

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Road to Redemption Preview Show

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New Appearance

BREAKING: Signed for 5/5/18 #PentaDoesIOWA


“Death Machine” Jessicka Havok Vs. “Lucha Royalty” Taya Valkyrie!


IMPACT Results: April 12, 2018

Demon’s Dance means there are no disqualifications, no countouts and anything goes! They brawl up the ramp and once they get to the top, Rosemary tosses Taya down and she crashes at the bottom. Taya gains control by suplexing Rosemary onto the steel guardrail. Taya places a chair on Rosemary in the corner and then drives the chair into her face with devastating double knees. Rosemary hits a slingblade, planting Taya into a steel chair. Taya kicks Rosemary down to the mat but she rises from the grave and sends Taya crashing into a ladder. Rosemary charges at Taya but she sidesteps, sending Rosemary head-first into a steel chair propped between the ropes! Taya sets up Rosemary on a table and goes to the top rope. Rosemary fights her off and hits a piledriver off the top through the table to win Demon’s Dance!

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